Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't Ask

Remember the fuss about the Fearless Colon? Well, back at the time all that was going on, I really wanted to participate in the related trading card swap, but was overwhelmed with other commitments at the time.
But that's not the kind of thing that one's brain can let go of all that easily. Hence I give you (albeit, four months too late), the Spastic Colon Card:

In case you were wondering, I was intentionally trying to create a card that was "a little bit off"; something you're eye didn't exactly relish looking at. After all, in reality a spastic colon is a painful thing. The card does look slightly better in person, but not much. How did I do?

Yes, Fluffy, its on it's way.


  1. "... a spastic colon is a painful thing. It does look slightly better in person..."

    *eyebrows raised*


  2. I thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor. My introduction to it was the little salt shaker on your state bird postal . . . we got a good grin out of that.

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