Friday, July 3, 2009


It all began with the discovery of some of my Dad's keepsakes in the attic. Shortly after finding his yearbooks and being stunned at learning that he had dated other girls before Mom, I came across a small box. It contained a Springbok Mini titled "Romance of the Square", and thus my love of puzzles began. That puzzle is long gone, but here is the stamp I carved this morning:
SHH, you will be proud of me. This is the first 100% gouge carving I have ever done. Of course, I'm not sure it could have been done any other way. The stamp is 1 3/4 inches.
Gyro (above) and Bilbao (below) are two other Springbok designs that I carved awhile ago for one of the Just an Inch challenges.
One of my favorite puzzle memories is of the 10,000 piece puzzle of the Chicago skyline at night that I took with me to college eons ago. I'm pretty sure the entire girls dorm (of about 200--small college) worked on that puzzle at one time or another.
Puzzles with only one color...puzzles with only one shape piece (an Escher tesselation!)...puzzles of crayons and cats and bears and outhouses...

Now, I have to put them together alone because my family has no tolerance for focus on detail. But I am patiently waiting on the youngest, who does show some promise.


  1. Indeed! Proud of you, I am, my dear friend!

    I absolutely LOVE these stamps, and had to look twice at the first to see that it was carved - inspirational, to be sure!

    Gouge on, sista! :-)

  2. These are fantastic! They do a number on my eyes, just as they should. Very impressive.

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