Saturday, September 27, 2008

Slowing to a Drizzle

Only a couple more posts and I'll be caught up on trading card pictures!
This was MCE Sunflowers and no matter what I do to the photo, I can't get it the right color. This is too bright. The stamp was carved from an MC Escher design. I can't resist his stuff.
"Fractal" was a card that came from my rebellious side. If I remember correctly, 3 Blind Mice and I were having a discussion via email about adding the perspective of dimension to our cards and I got to wondering if I could create a card with no dimension at all. Something that looked invisible. After lots of trial and error, I ended up stamping with the lightest ice blue ink I could find and then embossing it with a pearl powder. And all of this was on a clear ink jet transparency. The result looks like frost on a window. The above picture was taken against a window at night so that the card would show up. In the end, my orneriness created a trading card with more dimension of any of my other cards. ;)
These last three pictures are of another of my Jigsaw Puzzle cards. This one is much clamoured for Blowball (another MC Escher design~I can't help myself.) Above is the complete stamp.
The outside of the puzzle pocket.
The inside of the puzzle pocket. The last of the completed puzzle pockets will be in the next post. I am still planning on making two more cards in this series. Maybe by the end of the year!

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