Thursday, September 25, 2008

Color Me! series LTCs

I know this is alot of posts in one day. But I have some serious catching up to do on this blog. Besides, nobody really reads it anyway, so I didn't think it would matter if I posted a whole mess at once. ;)
This is Roxy the Fox, from the Color Me! series. The idea was to create really intricate carves, stamp them simply in black on white card stock and then let everyone color them however they wanted. I sent an invitation for people to send pictures to me of their colored cards and I would post them here. I only received one. It will be in the next post.
Henrietta Hippo~Yes, I let the girls name these as well.
Mr. Twister

Pistachio the Squirrel~he's my favorite of the Color Me! cards.

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