Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wild Kingdom, part 2

Papi the Swallowtail~we have raised these butterflies and they are so beautiful! The girls learned that "Papillon" is the word "butterfly" in Spanish and that is how this card got it's name. I really wanted the card to look fragile and delicate like a butterfly, so I stamped it on some handmade (purchased) mulberry paper and dusted it with chalk colors. This one was not the best example, but I sent the others out.

Stealth the Flying Fox~The "daytime" image is from the Stellaluna book. Below is the "nighttime" image. It was created with the help of some glow-in-the-dark screenprinting ink. I took the photo with a blacklight, but it didn't turn out too well. You get the idea though.

The name Stealth was an obvious choice for the girls.

Query the Great Horned Owl~Query got his name from all the questions he asks...and a little help from the Thesaurus. ;)

Skippy the Tree Frog~this name choice should also be obvious. The 6yo wanted "Hopper", but got vetoed by her older sister.

One more Wild post coming!

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