Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Most Unusual Stamp

A very exciting thing happened a couple of weeks ago. Someone contacted me through my store on Etsy with a request for a custom stamp. That is exciting enough, but she sent me a picture and the question, "Can you make this into a stamp?". Wow! This was the opportunity that I have been waiting for! Up until now, I have been carving images that I selected and had complete control over. This gave me a chance to test my skills outside of that envelope.

Here is the photo:
And the resulting stamp:
She has a shop on Etsy also and makes Rosary belts and a few other things. I would have liked to have added a little more shading to the mannequin, but couldn't decide how to do that without also adding texture. Since the mannequin is very smooth in appearance, I decided to leave it alone.

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