Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still Raining

This first card was made for the World Languages ring. You really should check out the clue page for this card. There is some really fun stuff about the Warao language there.
But how do you portray an entire language on one trading card? I couldn't do it, so my card opened up. This is the inside.

Not all who wander are looking for letterboxes. Some of the really are lost. Maybe my Treasure Map card could help?
Marshmallow World and it's companion card below, Sugar Date, were made in honor of a song. Read the whole story, and the words to the song HERE.
There has been much discussion on the AQ LTC board about whether or not you keep a copy of your own cards, and if so, which one? I should probably note that I keep one provided that I remember to, but I pick the worst one out of the bunch. So, if some of the cards that I post here look a little wonky or have boo-boos on them, it's because I'd rather keep those than send them to someone else. The Marshmallow World card above is a good example of embossing gone bad.


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