Friday, September 26, 2008

Fairyland Play Stage--Spoiler Alert!

I know I shouldn't do this yet, but I can't stand it! I love how this card came out, so I'm posting it. If you are receiving the 3 Billy Goats Gruff card, don't look if you want to be surprised!

The Fairyland Play Stage series of trading cards began some time ago when the 3 Blind Mice challenged some of us to come up with our most ambitious card yet. I couldn't participate at the time, but the idea kept me awake nights. Surprise. Now, one of those midnight ruminations is a reality. Hopefully, some of the others will follow. Of course, the girls helped by picking which Fairytale to do first.

All of these cards are intended to be interactive. Some, like this first one, should be fairly self explanatory. But I'll tell you how it works anyway. The front of the card is the stage. The ends of this card are open, and by adding a little sideways pressure, it will open further to allow the "characters" to drop out. You can then use the characters to act out the story in whatever way you wish. When you're finished, just tuck everything back inside. The "add-on" cards are to help spice things up a bit.

There, have I used up enough space so that I can post the pictures now? Here goes:
TRIP! TRAP! TRIP! TRAP! Over the Bridge!

One Troll for under the bridge, and 3 Billy Goats for over the bridge
One Big, Hairy Troll just in case my happy, hillbilly looking troll isn't enough of a bad guy for you.
And one Ugly, Scary, Grumpy Troll in case the Big, Hairy Troll isn't bad enough for you.

SNIP! SNAP! SNOUT! This tale's told out!
Next in the works will be Rapunzel, per FlowerWind's request. But don't look for it for at least a month or more.


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