Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wild Kingdom, al fin

Zapato the Wild Stallion~can you guess where this name came from? Yes, "zapato" is "shoe" in Spanish, so this horse is named Shoe. Aren't they clever? The grass on this card was fun. I put blobs of several different green paints on a plate. Then I randomly dipped the brush and sort of scrubbed it down the paper. The brush was (are you ready for this?) a cat brush with metal bristles!

Squirt the Seahorse~another obvious name choice. I painted the background paper with Bluing (the laundry additive) and then stamped the seahorse in metallic copper. One of our favorite exhibits (before they got rid of it!) at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, was the Seahorses. Fortunately, all of the seahorses are still there, just moved into other exhibits.

Taffy the Giraffe, whose name I can only imagine came from the pulling and stretching of taffy, was a bit of a trick to put together. The stamp had been carved for my California. She graciously stamped it a couple dozen times on card stock and mailed them to me. I colored, cut and then layered the card with a background gradient (using a kaleidacolor pad) and the silhouette of the Live Oak stamp that I carved for the State Trees postal ring.

Technically, this Great Blue Heron card was for the I'll Fly Away LTC ring, but it fits with the rest of the Wild Kingdom so well that I'm posting it here. I was looking for an excuse to carve this stamp for quite awhile. The design for the cattail stamp was handdrawn, which might not seem like a big deal to you, but to someone who excels at stick figures, well, it was a breakthrough. ;)

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