Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bird LTCs--Spoiler Alert!

All three of these cards are still active. But I don't want to do dishes, so I'm posting them anyway! It's not my fault you peeked!
Percy the Penguin was just begging to be carved. I'm really disappointed in this photo though. He is standing on an embossed iceberg that turned out really cool and has wispy clouds around him~except you can't see those in the picture. For the iceberg, I used the "cracked ground" background stamp from the Rhino card in the Wild Kingdom series. I stamped it in the palest blue I have. Then I stamped it again with the clear embossing ink and used the pearl powder.
The Bluebird is the first card in the Songbird series. It's really a pretty straightforward card. I used two patterned papers for the background. The blue does have a pattern, but it is very subtle. I forgot to color the red breast on the first five cards that I mailed, so if you got one of them, you can either ignore it or color it like the bird above.
The Cactus Wren was just finished last night. Same approach as the Bluebird card. I don't know...is the Cactus Wren really a songbird? There aren't too many of them in Illinois!!
I'd like to do some more bird cards. I love birds and could sit and watch them for hours. We get lots of them in our yard here in the country in spite of the fact that we don't have tree cover yet. The little Slate Juncoes that stay all winter and entertain us with their clown-like antics are among my favorites. I also love watching the goldfinches pin the dandelions to ground to keep them from getting away while they peck all the seeds out.
I was planting a box in Minnesota back in August and a little wren (Carolina?) gave me a scolding not to be forgotten. It seemed a rather brassy thing for such a tiny bird. They are so funny!

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