Friday, September 18, 2009

119 Reasons: #1, 26, 51

A very long time ago, I began compiling a list of reasons why we chose to homeschool our children. Just for fun, I thought I'd occasionally share a few of them here, in no particular order. While there are truly 119 "Reasons for and Benefits of Homeschooling" on my list, it seems unlikely that I will ever share all of them here.
I confess that Reason #51 got tweaked a little bit today after an incident at the school where my cousin's children attend.

  • Reason #1: Sufficient evidence and sound reasoning having been presented, it is our belief that the desired will of God includes the private and personal education of JLC and MRC, hereby referred to as the Students, in a manner and environment which will best suit their individual needs. Therefore, the Parent Company has created an organization, hereby referred to as The Organization, to oversee the administration of said education. It is hereby noted that although there are sufficient other reasons (see #2-119) for said education, the Will of God is the highest reason and therefore must be followed regardless of the opinions and desires of any Faculty, Staff, Students or Others not directly involved in this education, Organization, or Parent Company.
  • Reason #26: Inasmuch as the desired learning is accomplished and maintained by the Student, the Organization places no constraints as to the location that the learning takes place. The Organization sees no need in restricting education to the classroom, but deems the couch, the porch, and the tree house of equal quality and value so long as the location does not hinder or become a distraction to the learning process. Conversely, if the classroom itself becomes a hindrance, then it must be discarded in favor of a more suitable location.
  • Reason #51: Inasmuch as the Organization has observed that the very safety of their persons, not to mention the concentration and attentiveness of the students is severely affected by such occurrences of the implementation of “Soft Lockdown” in the Public Schools, it is hereby deemed perilous and an unacceptable venue for learning. Wherein the singular incidence of lockdown in this Facility was due to the entrance of a wasp, the risk of bodily harm seems significantly less.
Disclaimer: It is hoped that the fact that the above mentioned Teacher, Principal, Parent Company and Organization are all one and the same will be looked upon as a convergence and reaffirmation of goals rather than a conflict of interest.


  1. Love it! We concur!

    Having taught in traditional school settings for several years before marrying my current administrator, I have to say that the faculty meetings simply do not compare. Reason #120, if you have not already listed it.

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