Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toad Hollow

We're dredging the archives today, Folks! Remember Toad Hollow? Well, here it is:

Two and a half years ago, Wassamatta_U got something started with his Boxers 'n Briefs. You can read about it here, here and here.
The short version is that Toad Hollow (a real place) was created for the purpose of encouragement. The LB community took the idea and ran with it. I'm not even sure of all of the directions that it went, but I know a Postal was created, of a sorts. The principle was simple: when someone needed encouragement, the call went out and whoever felt led to participate sent that person a note or some other bit of edification. Unbeknown to all, several of us were keeping track and when a piece of encouragement went out, a piece was also received. For my part, I carved a number of stamps straight off of the literature that Ralph Morrison sent to me and mailed them to people who took part in our campaign of encouragement.

Bear in mind that I had only been carving for about 6 months. This campfire is quite horrid.

One stamp image was sent for each of our "missions". If a person participated in the first six missions, then they could collect all of the images.
After awhile, the logistics of where to send what started creating headaches and so I stopped carving. Eventually, I mailed the toad stamp to Mr. Morrison as a thank you for sharing his idea with us. I think the rest of them are still in the cabinet.

It is entirely possible that some aspects of this concept are still active today, but I haven't heard about it in quite awhile. The LB community seems pretty good (for the most part) at looking out for each other without any formal organization. The spirit of Toad Hollow lives on.


  1. It definitely lives on with the Prayer & Healing Board, the ability to know when boxers AQ Anniversaries are, and much more. So much support is both given and received on AQ it boggles my mind.

    Great stamps, my friend! :-)

  2. There is a postal group on AtlasQuest

    Toad Hollow Friends


    It's just a way to share addresses of people who need encouragement, so we can send them a card or note or LTC or something. There is no stamp reward, and indeed no organisation whatsoever ;)


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