Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We're still in the Time Machine today, only this time it's to revisit cooties. First, I have a slight confession. My cabinet is a place where cooties go to die. Sorry. When I first started letterboxing and learned about the little buggers, I thought they were fun. I came home with one of them from my first event.
While planning on meeting with a fellow boxer during Hubby's hospital stay in Minnesota, I carved several "hospital germs" to pass along, only the meeting never happened. So they were pawed off on a local friend and I still get reports occasionally.
"Below Zero" was carved for a friend when we boxed together in the January snow a couple of years ago. It has long since gone off the grid.

All of the Chinese themed cooties were carved for SILO since there was a Chinese New Year theme. Only I spent the morning stuck in the snow in the ditch and never made it to the event, so they too were passed along later. Only one survives to my knowledge.

And then there are the "Tunes". These cooties were based on songs from the 50s that get stuck in your head. They attended a couple of events along with their matching Jukebox stamp (more as a tabletop box) and then were retired. Or repurposed, I should say. They have been featured on LTCs, sent out as Hitchhikers, and given as gifts.

After hosting a small event in my house, my feelings toward cooties changed dramatically. Those crazy people even cootied my dog. I was finding cooties for days; in my silverware, on my fridge, in the bathroom candle...

A well executed cootie would still be fun, but most of them that I have seen (including my own) aren't worth the effort of stamping them. **Gasp!** Did I just say that out loud? For the most part, they just detract from time that I could spend getting to know people or hunting "real" boxes.


  1. That is why I like Fleas since you can catch them at an event as a cootie and leave them in a box as a HH later when you have had time to find them, stamp and log and then pass them along whether someone is there or not.

  2. Well...you are no fun! lol!

    OK, I have to admit I agree, but still respect the one who came up with the idea - which is a good one, actually. It's really for the kids...really. But it can soooo easily be taken to the extreme (your bathroom candle?? Sheesh...)

    I made a few cooties, but quickly came to the same conclusion as you have.

    I think I got those ones based on cheesy songs. Cute :-)

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