Monday, September 21, 2009

Philosophy of Scrapbooking, part 2

When our youngest came along, we were lucky to remember to use the camera, much less get each photo magnificently mounted. I started using lots more stickers and scraps of paper for accents, reserving the time intensive punched pages for the front covers of the albums and a few select pages inside.
J has two newborn albums. This is the first page of the one she has not been allowed to see because of the graphic nature of many of her NICU photos. Someday, when we're both ready, we'll make a pilgrimage to OSF and I will show it to her.

Her other album starts on the day she came home from the hospital, much like every other baby album. This is her one year picture on the first page.

This is my all time favorite picture of J. The far off, thoughtful look with the smirk gives me no amount of joy when I see it to this day.

We don't celebrate Halloween, but occasionally participate in a Fall Festival/Harvest Party event. When she was two, she was a pile of leaves.

One final punched page was created for her 2nd baby dedication. Her first was in the NICU.

As the speed of life surpasses the speed of sound, scrapbooking has taken another drastic turn in our household. It has ceased to exist. We have, instead, opted for photo albums. You know, the kind where you take the packet from Walgreens and just slide the pictures into the plastic slots? Yep. That's it.
But I like it. Now when my girls look through the pictures of field trips, vacations and holidays, they talk to each other. They laugh and share "remember when" moments that I didn't bother to journal about. They ask the adults (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc) to explain what they are looking at. That's something I never saw with the "fancy" albums.


  1. I sure like your observations, my friend. I like talking about pics far better than looking at scrapbooks with fancy decorations, as well.


  2. This takes me back to your Preemie Prints postal . . . one of my first. That was a precious glimpse into your life, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. God is indeed good.

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