Friday, September 18, 2009

No More Peg Leg

I got the official release today to start moving around with my brace "unlocked". That might not sound like much, but it means no more clumping around like I have a wooden peg leg, which is exhausting at best. It means that I am one more step closer to driving and getting on the treadmill again. It means that the trails are no longer an impossible pipe dream. It means that being a good little girl and doing everything that my therapist tells me to do is paying off. It means that it will be that much easier for me to get into trouble.


  1. Hopefully it means you will actually get to the Sci-Fi gathering in 2 weeks!

  2. Yes! Chad & I are going to a concert in Chicago on that Friday night and then staying in Brookfield. I made our reservations today. There probably won't be much hiking for me, as uneven ground still gives me some trouble, but I hope to be able to hunt for some of the boxes that are close in the park.

  3. It means that more things hinge upon you.

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