Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reservations for Norway

The owner of each Artful Logbook was to decorate the first page according to their own theme. If I were truly given the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, I would have a very difficult time deciding between Norway, Israel and Spain. And Greece. And Washington.
In the end I decided that since I live in a very Norwegian community (Ya, sure, you betcha) I would have much more opportunity to plant Scandi themed stamps. And I decided to do my whole page with stamps. As a pop-up.
If you live around here you may recognize these stamps as the contents of the Norway in a Pine Box letterbox. There are 12 stamps in all.


  1. There isn't a "very cool" button! If there was, I'd push it - thanks for featuring this project. Yet another fun project I missed out on... :-/

  2. okay . . . wow . . . very creative

  3. The little knit hat is so very cute! Lots of cool images for that page.

  4. This is a cool project! Love seeing what each person did! :o)


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