Friday, November 13, 2009

Rube Goldberg by ArtGekko

...the garden rake (45) flipping the handle up to send the windmill (46) spinning, tightening the rope attached to the start cord on the mower (47), which runs over the hose (48), spraying water everywhere & filling up the birdbath (49); that tips over onto the flowers (50), disturbing the bee that flies off and stings a nearby gekko (52), who jumps up and sends the flowerpot (53)...


  1. So, so clever ... you all must have enjoyed that game!

  2. I love how each person kind of had their own mini theme going.

  3. I like how she managed to get a Gekko in there. I would have definitely tried to incorporate a turtle into it if I were a participant! =)

    If I could also work in a snail and slow-burning fuse, I could take a year before I had to finish!

    -- Ryan


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