Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rube Goldberg by Nitrocat

The chimp grabs the banana (4) flipping the switch (5) which turns on the fan (6) blowing the windmill (7) which generates power for the motor (8). The piston on the motor pumps the handle (9) on the water pump (10) filling the bucket (11). The weight of the water snaps the string causing the bucket to fall on the bulb (12). The compression of the bulb makes the leaping frog toy (13) jump forward starting a cascade of dominoes (14)...
*a potential short cut looks on with casual disinterest.


  1. love it! You know I love your little cat stamp :-)

  2. This one shows an amazing amount of patience, to be able to carve every one of those dominoes! Even after being a part of this project, the creativity, wit, and talent that went into every single entry STILL astounds me!

  3. This contribution is so you. I was also looking pretty hard at those dominoes -- too cool.


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