Monday, November 9, 2009

Rube Goldberg by Jacks

Dominoes head up the ramp, one falls off (15) hitting cat on back. Cat wakes up, notices other cat, falls in love (16) and runs to the store to buy catnip for the new love (17) getting tangled in a string that pulls a pot of melting chocolate our of boiling water (18). Aroma of chocolate fills the air which causes the chocolate loving girl to drool (19). Drool waters plant which starts to grow uncontrollably (20)...


  1. These are so fun! Did you say what the dimensions of each stamp was?

    That would be huge to put them all together... :-)

  2. Each one is about 3 inches wide (they vary in height). The whole thing (essentially one continuous stamped image) is about 3 feet wide!

  3. What kind of plant grows uncontrollably when you water it with drool? =)

    -- Ryan, who's thinking too hard about this....


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