Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rube Goldberg by Booknut

...into the Victrola (39), bumping the needle and starting the music. The couple (40) dances, flipping the switch (41) which causes the fan (42) to start spinning. The twine begins to tighten, pulling the painter (43) off-balance. Teetering, he drops the paint onto the trampoline (44). The bucket bounces into...


  1. This one is my personal favorite. I love the sense of motion and the dancing couple turning on the light!

  2. That painter . . . what personality! This one is especially well done.

  3. Are these all the size of an entire sheet of PZ? What are the dimensions...or did I miss you saying that already?

    These are very inventive! :-)

  4. Each entry/stamp is about 3 inches wide (though there was lots of vertical room on the paper, as you can see most entries tend to flow up and down). And remember: nobody knew what previous people had done until it arrived on their doorstep! Also, they would have to plan and execute their stamp VERY carefully, to make sure that it "lined up" with the previous entry's action, to give the feeling of one continuous contraption/stamp.

    Except me, of course. I was first, so I had it easy!


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