Monday, November 16, 2009

Rube Goldberg by Archimedes Screw

...which terrifies the pedophobic* man (A) making him run into a mannequin (B) which hits a paddle (C) and knocks delicious cheese and water (D) to a nearby mouse. It also causes a Red Sock to hit a baseball (E) which lands in a basket (F). This closes the scissors (G) cutting the string (H) holding the bag (I) that falls on the scale (J). The scale lifts and causes a hand (K) to move which entices the snapping turtle (L) to snap, opening the clamps (M) which drop the cage (N) onto the mouse leaving it safely trapped with food and water.

*fear of children


  1. How utterly clever and humane. ;-)

  2. There's more, right? This can't be the end..... Does the mouse get away?

    -- Ryan

  3. I'm glad the mouse was humanely treated.


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