Monday, November 2, 2009

The Rube Tube

Of course, you know that Wassa was the instigator of the whole thing. And, of course, with him involved you know that it was a ridiculous lot of fun.
I'm talking about The Rube Goldberg postal project. The idea was to work together to "build a better mousetrap"~Rube Goldberg style. A mailing tube, dubbed The Rube Tube, was sent to each of the 12 people in the group. Inside were 16 identical strips of paper (4 extras in case of mistakes), each 38 inches long and divided into 24 measured sections. The top twelve sections were to be filled with the stamps; the bottom with the descriptions. Each person was to add on to the previous section, continuing the story of how were were going to catch the mouse (humanely, of course). No one knew what they were going to carve until the Tube arrived and the adjoining stamp was revealed. When all was complete, each person received their very own copy of the Rube Goldberg contraption. I am saving a spot on my office wall to hang mine...just as soon as I find a frame that will fit.

The mouse with the attitude was carved by Wassamatta_U, our beloved leader. Over the next 12 days (not including Sundays), I am going to highlight the stamps created by each person who played...I mean participated in this wonderful project. If I can figure out a way to display the whole poster, I'll post that separately. I have to confess that I doubt I can do it justice.


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