Friday, January 7, 2011


So, a friend has thrown down the gauntlet, so to speak, and issued a weekly challenge of a very personal nature. I'm not sure if I will participate every week, especially since photography is not my "thing", but I'll give it my best shot. You will probably regret it before I do.

Week, the first: A picture of yourself with 15 facts about yourself.

  1. I don't like having my picture taken. Genetics and some physical challenges notwithstanding, I could stand to lose some weight. Photos are a constant reminder. However, I do like this picture. It was taken by our church secretary at an outdoor service. I'm sitting in the sunshine, under my favorite hat, with my two favorite children. DH is standing in the back. What could be better?
  2. My Statement of Faith can be summed up in the sentence: Whatever makes God the biggest is what I believe to be true about Him. On the surface, it sounds simplistic, but trust me, it's not. (This really should be #1, but it doesn't have a picture to go with it.)
  3. With me, it's all about the next experience. What can I learn, see, do next? It's a little like ADHD in slow motion. While it's good to keep stretching yourself, it can also be expensive.
  4. My brain has an aversion to sleep. This might have something to do with #3.
  5. "Balance" is a theme that seems to come up over and over again in my life. This also might have something to do with #3.
  6. During the college years, I spent a summer in the jungle of Venezuela. This altered my perception of reality permanently. You should try it sometime.
  7. My first child was born 16 weeks premature. This also altered my perception of reality permanently. It's not an experience that I would recommend...unless you are prepared to have your perception of Grace altered permanently.
  8. I would happily pass over dessert for a good piece of cheese and some crusty bread.
  9. We use the words "stuff", "thingy", and "goo" entirely too much in this household.
  10. I like being contrary. Oh, you already knew that? But did you know that it's not because I really am contrary? I like to push people (including myself) into being more than just mindless sheep. Question the status quo.
  11. I couldn't care less about politics. My hope is in a government that doesn't need my participation.
  12. Don't pollute my coffee or chocolate.
  13. I like my music loud, energetic, and theologically deep. Is that too much to ask? Often.
  14. I am responsible for clipping 420 finger and toenails.
  15. I think I was born in the wrong century.