Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week, the fourth

The prompt for week four of the exposé is to post "a picture of your day". Deceptively simple in it's challenge, you could take this as meaning any typical day in the life of you, or this specific day. Since today was a fairly typical day, I could get away with doing both. But that doesn't make it easier. How does one portray an entire day and all of it's myriad choices and activities in a single shot? I'm afraid my attempts are rather blasé. I'll probably come up with a smashing idea when I'm supposed to be sleeping tonight.

The walk through:
  • My day starts around 6 ish, sans alarm, when the overactive brain slams into high gear; leaving the body to catch up when it can. Hence the coffee.
  • Until around 7:30, the brain is on it's own, and it works on fielding email, snail mail, bills, and sundry paperwork until my body joins it and the children, who are now up, for breakfast.
  • Bunnies and schoolwork take up a good portion of the day, and whether I like it or not, the laundry is ever present in the background.
  • The brain hits a wall around 3 and nothing gets done at all for awhile, while my body walks around in circles like a zombie until it's time to make supper. (I have already pointed out to the brain that if it would let us sleep a little longer in the morning, or not keep us up all night, this would not happen. It won't listen though.)
  • After supper, there's more bunny chores, and last minute housework stuff to do until I fall down in front of a movie--with or without handwork.
What you cannot see in the picture (but it's there, I assure you), is the 9 phone calls that I dealt with, the 16 times that I let the dog out and in, the stolen moments reading until the girls hunted me down, the sandwiches made, the cat hair vacuumed, the drop offs at piano lessons, the gas pumped, and the 37 minutes wasted checking prices on flights to anywhere warmer than here.

What did your day hold?