Monday, January 10, 2011


So sorry to disappoint those of you who were wishing I'd be arrested for bad puns. I'm a little late posting some of the hand made Christmas presents from this year.
From the time that my Grandmother became sick in earnest back in October, through her passing and the services that followed, and beyond to the frenzy of the holidays that came so soon after, I tatted. I have spoken of the liturgy of this type of handwork in the past. It kept me sane once again.

For M--a collar with beads. This was the first collar that I worked on. I used a crochet cotton and quickly learned that I wasn't really fond of how it worked up. It was difficult to get a good tension on it. Consequently, the lace is uneven and stretchy. Eh. She likes it, however.
For J--a collar made with some of the wonderful thread hand dyed by YarnPlayer from Etsy. I think I've mentioned her thread in the past. I love how beautifully it works up and how consistently rich the colors are.
For DH's Grandmother--Another thread from YarnPlayer. A lot of hours waiting for the girls at swimming lessons.

I think I'd like to work on something other than shirts for a while now.