Monday, January 24, 2011

A New You

I have to confess that I am a little jealous of our snake.
What? That's not exactly what you were expecting to read when you came over here?
It's true. I envy our snake.
Not because he gets to stuff himself till he's fit to burst with no apparent consequences; or because he gets to sleep 99.999% of the time in a climate controlled, safe, quiet spot.
No, I'm jealous because of this:
Every month of so, Kernel sheds his skin in one complete piece, essentially emerging as a brand new snake. His colors become brighter and more iridescent, and he fairly glows.

Humans exfoliate, or shed dead skin in flakes. We even pay good money for products and services to aid us in the process in an vain attempt at maintaining our youthful appearances. Not snakes. They tie themselves in knots and turn inside out in a process called ecdysis; making a fresh start in one glorious motion every time.

Think there's a metaphor in there somewhere?
Wish you could try it?
Yeah, me too.

I Corinthians 15:53-54