Monday, October 12, 2009

119 Reasons: #32, 33

Columbus Day is not usually one of the holidays that we take off from school. That would fall under Reason #36 of Reasons for and Benefits of Homeschoooling, which may or may not appear in this blog at a later time. However, as everyone has what my Dad would call "the creeping crud", there will be no school today. Hooray!
  • Reason #32: When taking a Sick Day, the Teacher is entitled to as the same wages as any other day. He/She may also reserve the right to hire as a substitute one said Ms. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus, or any other substitute deemed appropriate in His/Her place; at no extra cost to Him/Herself or the educational institution in reference. Any work or learning that was to have taken place on said Sick Day may be made up at any time between said Sick Day and Graduation of child/children involved, unless deemed otherwise superfluous and unnecessary by the educational institution. For information on Sick Days taken by Students, please see Reason #33.
  • Reason #33: Student Sick days may be taken one of two ways. A Sick Day requiring the complete cancellation of School must be made up at a later date at some point before Graduation unless deemed superfluous and otherwise unnecessary by the educational institution. Or, a Sick Day requiring only the abbreviation of School may be taken without the necessity of a make up day.
At the risk of sounding like a Gunkie, I must confess that I am glad. I am not glad that my children are ill and miserable, but rather thankful for a legitimate excuse to cancel everything and just stay home. Every corner of my house needs attention. Not to mention the fact that my lovely family has generously shared the creeping crud with me. There ought to be a law against such atrocities.


  1. I absolutely love reading your 119!

    One bright school morning, I was greeted by one of my students who said, "Mama, my stomach hurts." Within 15 minutes, 75% of the student body were on pallets on the den floor. The faculty spent the day reading Les Mis in its entirety on a nearby couch. ;-)

  2. Ah yes...a family that is always together is frequently all sick together. :-P

  3. true, but the family who does not attend public school is sick far less often, due to the lower incidence of "suzie brought this home from school and now we all have it".


  4. I love the way you describe things! :o)


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