Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just because a person can have a blog, does not mean that they should have a blog. This is something that I have pondered at length. I might have something to say each day, but does anyone want to read it?
This isn't like trying to see how many friends you can accumulate on Facebook, or winning a high school popularity contest. Is it worth their time to visit? Do they come willingly? When they leave, have they gained something? Maybe occasionally, I hope.

It was a great encouragement to me this last weekend to find out that there are a lot more people paying attention than I would have imagined. I lost track of how many times someone asked me about my laundry. Maybe I should start carrying a photo of unfolded laundry in my wallet; right next to the pictures of the kids and the dog.
Folks wanted to know if Kirby or the girls were with us. Was I the Mystery Mailer? Many of them had solved (and enjoyed) the recent "evil" clues, or the oddball recipe. They liked the logbook tutorial better than the carving tutorial (mostly because of picture quality, I think). Several of them secretly read "the other blog".

Oh, and my cat's butt is famous.

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  1. When I started reading this, I thought you were going to go into how many people have too many blogs and especially too many photography types... lol!

    I'm glad you blog, and I enjoy reading yours and others, as well. They are interesting, thought-provoking and insightful of life in general. Really, to be honest, reading blogs makes me feel like I'm pretty much just like everyone else. I find some comfort in that.

    I never even considered that someone should not blog. Guess I should do that. :-)


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