Thursday, October 22, 2009

Legacy in Stitches

"Legacy in Stitches" is one of those stamps that I'd like another crack at, but will not likely ever take. This quilt stamp was created for the Country Comforts postal letterbox series that I did a while back. Fiber Arts is such a big part of so many people's lives and nothings brings back memories better than a hand made quilt.
For the image, I took one of my Mother's quilt books and scanned all of the block patterns for one applique quilt into my computer. Then I used Photoshop to piece them all together and resize them. Which was insane. Still, I ended up with a decent image transfer and the carve went fairly well. I was still in my "pink stuff" phase and combining negative and positive carving.

I attempted to color the stamp like the quilt in the book. Even after practice it took 20 minutes. This is the best color image that I was able to get.

Want to hear a funny quilt story?
My parents went on a vacation and I stayed at their house to take care of things. One day, I was cleaning up and tossed a dirty quilt into the washer. It was mostly white, with a multi-colored double wedding ring pattern on it. I knew that Mom washed it and so did think anything of it. Until I opened the lid of the washer. The entire quilt was the color of cranberry juice! Only then did I remember putting some mulberry placemats in the wash the day before. I was positively sick. I cried. I couldn't eat. I was sure that my parents had received that quilt as a wedding present and I had ruined it.
A couple of days later when Mom called to check in, I confessed to what I had done in between sobs. I knew she was going to be upset.
The first thing she said was, "What? You mean the dog's blanket?"

We're still laughing about it.


  1. It took me two strolls before I realized this was the same stamp! Because your first "crack" at this is so lovely, I'm wondering why you'd be thinking of a second one. ;-)

    That story needs to passed down for generations. So funny.

  2. Oh, Stacy, I love your quilt story! It made me laugh out loud! :o)

  3. Man, I love that ending! It reminds me of the first time my folks went out of town and left me in 'charge'. As things happened (unfortunately) our pet dog got hit by a car. When my folks called to see how we were doing, I was so hysterical they thought my brother had been hit by a car. My poor mom! Thankfully, my friend was present to help straighten my parents out!

    I absolutely LOVE that stamp and have it in my log...not colored, though, I don't think. Those color-in stamps just take too long to get right. No amount of huffing ever helped me much, to be honest. Especially on bigger stamps.


  4. Very Pretty! I love the story too!


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