Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feline Feng Shui

Expert sources suggest that cats can help with blood pressure problems. While there is no more serene way of spending an afternoon than with a fuzzy blanket, warm beverage of choice, good book and cat on lap, the jury is still out on their overall effect on blood pressure in this household.
In spite of their selective digestion (read that as "can puke at will"), passive aggressive shedding, and casual disdain for our affections, there is something about them that makes me want to scoop them up and squeeze them until they object, which may or may not involve a blood letting on my part. One minute they are looking at me with an owly expression from the top of the bookcase, tail lashing in a threatening manner; and the next they are burrowing under the covers and curling up around my feet, purring ridiculously.

Truth be told, I'm not really sure that we are the more "evolved" species. Think about it: we wear their hair on our best outfits, feed them better than we eat ourselves, buy them silly jingly toys and even flush their toilets for them. We vacuum twice as often as we'd like and cover our plants (and sometimes our carpet) with aluminum foil to keep them away. And what do they do in return? Yeah, that's what I thought.


  1. Bupkis, that what they do in return!


    How a sad and twisted sort of way. We have three long-hairs here. Nothing more needs to be said.


  2. You describe it so well, Stacy! lol!

    I've wanted to hug Sunny and smack him all within minutes today!


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