Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bird Feeder Boxes

I made my first planter's pouch this afternoon and I have to say that I'm in love. I used the tutorial by Mstrwndl, who has mad skills at all things letterboxing.
In our search for interesting containers, M and I ran across some thistle seed sacks at the hardware store. They were less than 2 bucks each, so we bought several. Of course, they were white with bright cartoon daisies on them, so they all got a nice coat of my favorite spraypaint. Now I would image that they will disappear nicely amongst the thick branches of an evergreen. While they are not waterproof, the netting should allow any water to drain through rather than puddle. They are quite long, which affords a number of possibilities.

Suet feeders were also cheaper than dirt, so we're going to try a couple of those too. After hanging this one out in the yard, I'm thinking that they are going to get a dose of the Camo Fusion too. The pouches fit nicely into either of these feeders.


  1. LOVE pouches! They fit anywhere and literally disappear! :-)

  2. While out of town on a box maintenance trip for a friend, we found a fence with a couple of birdhouses on it that were being used as letterboxes it was great. My husband now wants to plant a few this way!!

  3. They're great, aren't they? Love the birdfeeder idea, too! :o)


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