Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heads Up!

The "kittens" and I have been having a number of letterbox related discussions lately and a few changes are in the works. For us, the most important aspects of this hobby are the people, the carving and the hiking. We have spent a good chunk of time on non-traditionals, partly because hiking was nearly impossible and we were bored, and partly in an effort to develop relationships and carving skills. The girls are getting older now, and the surgery should take care of the physical obstacles. Which means:
  • We are going to be working on planting a number of new boxes this fall, starting the moment I get a release to start hiking again.
  • We hope to improve our "clever clue" track record. So far they have been pretty boring. Recovery time is already dedicated to clue writing.
  • We plan to post the clues to this blog first. Readers will have access to the clues before everyone else. Feel free to pass on the location of the clues, but not the solutions or locations of the boxes.
  • Most of the boxes will fall somewhere between traditional and mystery.
  • We hope that all the boxes will be on hikes of one mile or more.
This does not mean that there won't be the occasional trading card made, but they will be few and far between, and most likely, secretive. It also does not mean that we are upset and leaving any site or group. It just means that we are narrowing our focus a bit. That has been our goal from the start.

If you're still reading, then this is for you: I hope to post the first clue before the beginning of next week. It probably won't be a one mile hike, but it is a box dedicated to all of my Avoiding the Laundry readers. Don't miss it!


  1. Yay! Even though we're not real close, we'll definitely make it a point to get down your way every so often to be on the hunt for your excellent carvings.

  2. Hey Sister-in-law! As I was contemplating my enormous baby belly the other day, I was reminded of one aspect of your artistic development you failed to mention in your posts regarding your evolution as stamp carver: don't you think all your loyal fans would love to see you post a pic of your own pregnant belly after you painted it to look like a watermelon?? C'mon now...(hmm, will I get paybacks for this later?? ;)

  3. Yeah, what Hendel said... boo. :o(


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