Monday, August 24, 2009


I know that I promised to return Saturday and torment you all, but truthfully, I was hard pressed to find something with which to properly torture you. So I spent the weekend in deep thought and have come up with a plan that is sure to inflict pain on many and may even cause me to lose a few readers. What is my horrible plan, you ask? Hold your breath, 'cuz here is comes. Every so often, I might talk about something...religious.
NO, say it isn't so!
Is that even possible?
I mean, doesn't it break some cosmic law?

Once the ground stops shaking under your feet, let me take a quick minute to explain and calm your fears.

On the LB message boards, we are very careful to leave all of our political and spiritual beliefs at the door so as not to provoke, offend, irritate, or other wise step on anyone's toes. And rightfully so. However, as a whole person, much of my life revolves around the faith that I have outside of the craft cabinet or the backpack. Because of that, avoiding anything that touches on "belief" has begun to feel like a lie. I am not a schizophrenic, although having an alternate identity in the form of a trailname often makes me feel like it. I cannot compartmentalize my Christianity. So, I'm going to stop trying.
Some of you may know that I have a second blog, called Path of Grace, which is the place where I share most of my homeschool, parenting and spiritually related thoughts. I intend to keep that as it is.
However, you can also expect an occasional post here that touches on my belief in a Sovereign Creator and my relationship with Him through the redemptive work of His Son.
While I am always open to private discussions about these things, I do not intend to turn this blog into a forum for doctrinal debate. The primary purpose remains the same: have some fun and avoid the laundry while doing it. In truth, most of these posts will probably still relate to stamps in some way. All such posts will be labeled "Faith".
I did feel like I should give you fair warning, however. Wouldn't it be fantastic if this came as no surprise to you at all?


  1. No surprise here, my friend.

    Torture? Not so much *smile*

  2. Torture and torment? Not at all! :-)

  3. I was just talking with someone else about your other blog very recently.

    For a while, I thought you had just changed the name of the old one and continued on . . . then I got curious.

    Your life is a whole life that always reflects your faith . . . no lie, no surprise. ;-)


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