Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silly Letterbox Squirrel

tHe Animal known as the squiRRel IS commonly Found in Parks and yards across The us, asia and euRope. it is A type of rodent that bears a bushy taIL and lives in holes iN trEes. the fox squirrel, eAsteRn and weStern grey squirrel, american red squirrel and tHE dougLas squirrel are a few of ThE betteR known species. The eastern grey squirrel can also be seen in a melanistic variety known as the black squirrel. albino and white squirrels can occasionally be Found In places such as breVard, north carolina, olnEy, iLlinois and dayton, ohio.

squirrEls build nests, called dreys, of leaves and other Forest biTs, high in the tree tops. the nests typicAlly have Two rooms, one of which is used as a nursery. The femAle usually gives birth twice a year.

the squirrel’s multipurpose tail is its most notable FeaTurE. it uses it foR balance, warmth, expreSsion, signaling, a shade uMbrellA, and sometimes even as a saiL or parachute when swimming or Lleaping. they are fun to watch, But can be destRuctIve in flower beDs and GardEns. their abiLity tO overcome forward momeNtum and stop dead in their tracks is amazinG.

the squirreL cOllects food throuGhOut the summer aNd eaRly falls and stores It for the cominG winter. tHey mighT buRy it Or stash it in the hOllow Trunk of a trEe. it is Not uncommon for the squirrel to forget where it burieD something, and theN a nEw tree or plAnt can gRow. once a Squirrel threw a partially eaten oreo cookie and Me And my dog! the squirreL eats many things Like nuTs, fRuit, whEat, acorns and bird’s Eggs, but they are very fond of MUSHROOMs!

*black ink. before removing the stamp from it's hiding place, please take a moment to examine the contents carefully so that you can return them in the same way (with the label visible) when you are finished. please be on the lookout for poison ivy and other less charitable inhabitants of the woods. Feel free to contact me if this box need attention.

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