Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Show and Tell

**This post is for the scientists (Hi, Adam and Jessica!) and the curious. It is Not for the squeamish. If you have a weak stomach, come back tomorrow.

I had a little bit of time to myself this morning since the girls spent the night at Grandma Carol's, Chad had already left for work and my Mom had not arrived yet. I managed to eat breakfast, dress, make my bed and take care of the pets without any assistance and was therefore beaming when Mom arrived. "Look, Mommy! I did it all by myself!" Since I feel like a dependent child at the moment, I thought we'd have Show and Tell time. These are the arthroscopic photos from my surgery. There were many more, but I thought I'd spare you.
This is part of the cartilage, before repair. It is supposed to be smooth and shiny. The tool is just a probe.
The cartilage after getting cleaned up a bit. I was told that the tool they use looks like a mini cheese grater. Lovely.

This is where the ACL is supposed to be. As you can see, it's not there. After multiple tears, it never healed back in place. Which would explain all of the instability I felt when walking, etc.

My shiny, new ligament. Ain't it a beauty?

The stitches came out today, but I can't get the brace until Friday, which is very sad. I miss Jeans, sitting "Indian style", and shaving (who knew I'd ever be saying that?), not to mention that I have a serious case of TB (Tired Butt), but all in all, everything is going well.
I have a new stamp that I hope to have finished by tomorrow!


  1. What lovely knees you have! ;-)

    You sound so good!

  2. Thanks for the walk-thru...a little gross, but interesting, to be sure.

    MC is right, you sound like you are doing very well! :-)

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