Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sportin' my New Duds!

A couple weeks back when Teresa (Shadohart) was part of the Royal Blog Tour, little 'ole me won some blog candy in one of her drawings. Yippee! Woot! Woot! We got all of the details worked out and what do you think of my new look? I love it! FlowerWind and I had a blast putting the picture together (Thank you, Caper, for sitting still long enough for us to get a photograph of your rear end), and Tee worked her magic. We've decided that someday it would make a great subject for a clue.
Thank you, Tee, for creating something special for me! It's Fantastic!

On a side note, M managed to snap a picture of the pair of Eastern Meadowlarks that live somewhere nearby. It's a little fuzzy, but she doesn't have much of a zoom lens and they were pretty far. Meadowlarks are fairly solitary birds. This is the only time I have ever seen a pair together. We were pretty excited.

See you in a couple days!


  1. First of all, great pic M! I love birds :-)

    Secondly, I LOVE the new look of your blog! That pic is great! You could use that for an I Spy type of clue, I think...just fab! I don't see your sig stamp in the mix, though...


  2. It looks GREAT - and the "inclusion of the cat" is priceless! In my house, however, it would be a picture of a cat leaping, with all my stuff cascading to the floor....... and a little comic strip bubble coming out of my head saying (#*&%@#*&$!!!!!) - lol! I don't have good work space....

  3. It all looks just grand! Always fun to visit your blog. ;-)

  4. Hey, your new look is awesome! I love it! Great pic of the meadowlarks, too - those birds can be hard to get! :o)

  5. Your worktable is neater than mine! Good luck today; hope you're back on your feet soon.


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