Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brown Sugar

The saying "With great freedom comes great responsibility" probably originated from the observation that with great freedom, people tend to be idiots. With the new found freedom of the ACL brace, I spent entirely too much time on my feet yesterday and paid for it last night. Looking on the bright side though, I was able to finish my latest embroidery project while packed in ice.

"Brown Sugar" is 5 inches in diameter and is stitched with the Caron Watercolor variegated fiber called "Avalon" (not that that helps anyone) on a 28 count linen fabric called "Hazelnut". The brown has just a suggestion of pink in it, making it appear both soft and old. I can just picture it on a dresser among antique perfume bottles and pearls.
Linen fabric has the unique property of being made of strands that are uneven in thickness, making counted stitch work ridiculously challenging. This is only my second time working on linen and it went much smoother than the first time.
Unless I decide that I can't part with it, this doily will be listed in my Etsy shop later today.


  1. That is just stunning - beautiful, beautiful work, Stacy. I can't believe you actually sell stuff like that. I just don't think people realize the work that goes into something as well done as that.


  2. . . . and would look gorgeous in my home. It's a thrill to know that true needle art did not die out two generations ago. I wish my girls and I had you nearby and that you would let us watch.

  3. It's so lovely! My grandma used to do things like that - I love it! :o)

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