Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mushroom Letterbox

We are bored with Lock n Locks. They are just so square. So the 7 yo and I have been on the hunt for interesting containers for letterboxes. Don't worry. I'm not telling what box it's for or where it will be planted. So no spoilers here.

We found a garden mushroom in the seasonal section at Meijers the other day. It was already green, but had a little shine to it, so we dusted the top lightly with Camo Fusion spray paint. Isn't it fun?

The bottom of the first one we found had a piece cracked off, so we got a discount. Which worked out well since that's what I intended to do with it anyway. I used my Dremel to smooth out the edge so no one will get scratched when they reach in for the stamp. We bought more than one and will do the same to all of them. Not telling how many. ;)
If people are careful and replace the stamp and logbook the way they are shown (which I know they won't), the label for the box is visible.
I'm sure Kirbert would give me twenty reasons why I shouldn't plant a box like this. It's not waterproof, etc, etc, etc. And he's probably right. So I hereby promise that I will not gripe and complain when/if the box goes missing. I'm planning to take my little kitchen scraper (the only thing from Pampered Chef that I actually use) and make a depression for the base of the mushroom to fit snuggly into. I'm hoping that the box will be just fun enough that people will have the incentive to replace it carefully. I can dream, can't I?

Just for fun, I'm going to create a poll for people to vote on how long they think this box will last. Voting will end on September 1st.


  1. I think that is a fabulous idea! I'm tired of lock-n-locks myself and kinda like to buck the system, so I use pouches. Yeah, they are not foolproof, but they fit in so many places. I completely love the idea of different types of boxes just for fun. And hey, when they go missing, just retire it and plant something somewhere else that no one has seen, right?

    I used VHS cases for years, just like my mentor Daelphinus. Yeah, they leaked, but if you used enough freezer ziplocks they were fine. Worked like a charm (I still have some of these active, actually).

    I have high hopes for your little mushroom, my friend. :-)


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