Monday, August 10, 2009

Owl Birthday

The Owl themed birthday that inspired the stamp in yesteday's carving tutorial has created a good deal of interest. So here are some of the details:

The center pieces were made with pinecones decorated with feathers, felt circle eyes, paper beaks and clay feet. Some of them got to wear party hats made from birthday wrapping paper. They were fun to make and they each ended up with their own unique expression. I still have one sitting on top of my letterboxing cabinet.

My SiL is a whiz at applique and made a special Onesie for my nephew to wear at the party.

She also made a matching Bib to go with the Onesie. Arent' they adorable? Both the nephew and the clothes, of course!

We made owls on top of both cakes using almonds, candy corn, pretzels, MnMs and gum drop leaves. The chocolate cake was the "nighttime" cake, complete with star sprinkles. The white cake was the "daytime" version and had evergreen tree pretzels around the side.

There was also an owl card that was used for Thank You notes. The party was just after Christmas, which explains the hat. :)


  1. Love it, gollygee has to see this make sure to post something about it on the Maine board on AQ!!

  2. Way too cute! We had a 'pink party' for my daughter oh-so-many years ago - owls would have been easier, I think :-)

  3. That's SO cute! I love the "daytime" and "nighttime" owl cake idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE IT!!! :) I'll have to forward this along to my friends and family-- my birthday is coming up soon!!! :)


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