Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Bonnie Project

Recently, my Aunt Bonnie came up from Alabama for a visit. It was such a delight to get to see her, especially since it doesn't happen very often. The last time she was here was during a horrible family tragedy. My Grandfather has passed away, and the morning of his funeral service, my Uncle Bob, Bonnie's husband, had a heart attack and died also. Needless to say, this visit was much more pleasant.
Aunt Bonnie likes to makes card, and due to some debilitating health issues, has very little extra money and has a difficult time getting out of the house. She also loves cats. I mean really loves cats. She is particularly fond of the B. Kliban Qats. But due to the restrictions on fun money, can't justify purchasing the stamps for her cards. who do I know that could fix that problem? Oh, wait. It's Me! And so begins the Aunt Bonnie/B. Kliban project.
I have a confession to make. The first Kliban book that arrived from the library was the one about not eating anything bigger than your head (or something like that) and I could not get it out of the house fast enough. Thankfully, my FiL returned it before either of the girls ever saw it. Not a good first impression. Fortunately the next book to arrive was Cat Dreams, which was much better. It was such fun to watch Bonnie page through the book as I made mental notes on with pictures she liked best for future reference. We scanned half the book into the computer and started carving yesterday.
Just for the record, I debated for a long time about the Angel Qat. One reason being that I have never actually met a cat that was angelic. Even my little sweetheart has a naughty streak six miles wide, as the window sills and door frames in our house will testify. The other reason is that I have serious issues with how our culture portrays angels (just ask my Sunday School class). In scripture they are the warriors and messangers of a Holy God, which is a far cry from what you see at Hallmark. In the end, I decided to carve the stamp because this project is more about love for my Aunt than it is about doctrinal accuracy.

We have a number of other images to do, but they are fun and carve up pretty quickly. I'll post the pictures once they are all done.


  1. What personality those felines have! Your aunt must enjoy you.

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